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Agreements For Drug Manufacturing Facility, Vivarium and Laboratory Leases

Healthcare Agreements
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LA 831 Lease For Drug Manufacturing Facility And Laboratory

This lease form is for a drug manufacturing tenant that will also use a portion of the space for laboratory purposes. The form contains extensive environmental protection for the landlord.

It also contains customary pro-landlord provisions concerning operating costs, use, alterations, and construction of tenant improvements for the premises.

Number of Single Spaced Pages: 40

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LA 713 Office Lease For Biomedical Research, Manufacturing And Vivarium Facility

This lease form is designed for a biomedical manufacturing facility located in a multi-tenant office building. The lease grants the tenant renewal options for the premises at fair market rentals.

The landlord provides a construction allowance for the premises for improvements in excess of building standard items. Exhibits include Work Letter, Building Standards, Letter of Credit Specifications, and Rules and Regulations.

Number of Single Spaced Pages: 69

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