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DISCOUNT POWER PACK 9: Medical, Dental, Hospital and Biomedical Leases (18 Items) $1899.05 $999.95

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Discount Power Pack 9 contains the items listed below relating to Medical, Dental, Hospital and Biomedical Leases.   Click on any item below for more information about that product.

Leases included in the DPP cover medical office leases, office leases for dentists, leases for hospitals, leases for drug manufacturing facilities, and leases for medical office buildings.  In addition, there are leases for radiology clinics, leases for office condominiums for medical doctors, leases for surgical centers, and leases for biomedical research tenants. 


Medical, Dental, Hospital and Biomedical Leases


LA 709 Ground Lease For Freestanding Biomedical Office Building

LA 831 Lease For Drug Manufacturing Facility And Laboratory

LA 713 Office Lease For Biomedical Research, Manufacturing And Vivarium Facility


Dental Leases

LA 667 Lease For Dental Practice In Multi-Tenant Professional Building With Termination Right On Death Or Disability Of Tenant

LA 1421 Net Lease For Dental Offices And Laboratory In Professional Office Park


Hospital Leases

LA 1475 Ground Lease For Medical Office Building On Hospital Campus

LA 1699 Percentage Rent Hospital Lease Arising From Sale Leaseback Transaction

LA 1561 Medical Center Hospital Lease For Fixed Rent And Operating Expense Increases Above Base Year


Medical Leases

LA 423 Medical Outpatient Clinic Lease With Construction Allowance, Fixed Stepped Up Rent And Tenant Responsibility For Real Estate Taxes Increases Over The Base Year

LA 647 Net Lease For Medical Office Tenant In Multi-Tenant Medical Office Building

LA 885 Lease Of An Entire Office Building For A Radiology Clinic

LA 729 Physician's Office Condo Lease For Ear, Nose And Throat Medical Practice

LA 1607 Lease In Multi-Tenant Medical Office Building For Clinic With Guarantees By Individual Physicians

LA 881 Lease For Surgical Center And Clinic

LA 1571 Doctor's Office Lease With Annual CPI Rent Increases In Building With Ground Floor Retail Space

LA 1201 Net Lease Of Entire Medical Office Building To Single Tenant

LA 221 Physician's Office Lease In Multi-Tenant Medical Office Building With Right Of Termination On Death Or Disability

LA 1405 Simple "As-Is" Medical Office Lease For Single Tenant Doctor Group With Annual CPI Increases


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