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Lease Related Agreement Categories

Lease Related Agreements

A list of categories for Lease Related Agreements follows. These categories include Affiliate And Related Party Agreements, Amendments, Addenda, And Lease Modifications, Assignment, Sublease & Recapture Rights Agreements, Exhibits For Leases and Lease Attachments, Environmental Liability Forms, Equity Kickers, Tenant Participations, And Warrants, Furniture, Fixture And Equipment Leases, Lease Guaranty And Lease Guarantee Forms, Letters Of Intent and Options To Lease, License Agreements, Parking Addenda, Operating (And Common Area Maintenance) Costs, Renewal Options, Right Of First Refusal, Right Of First Offer, SNDA, Financing, Subordination And Nondisturbance, Termination Agreements, and Work Letters And Construction Exhibits.

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