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The following rules and regulations shall apply, where applicable, to the Premises, the Building, the parking garage (if any), the Property and the appurtenances. Capitalized terms have the same meaning as defined in the Lease.

1. Sidewalks, doorways, vestibules, halls, stairways and other similar areas shall not be obstructed by Tenant or used by Tenant for any purpose other than ingress and egress to and from the Premises. No rubbish, litter, trash, or material shall be placed, emptied, or thrown in those areas. At no time shall Tenant permit Tenant's employees to loiter in Common Areas or elsewhere about the Building or Property.

2. Plumbing fixtures and appliances shall be used only for the purposes for which designed, and no sweepings, rubbish, rags or other unsuitable material shall be thrown or placed in the fixtures or appliances. Damage resulting to fixtures or appliances by Tenant, its agents, employees or invitees, shall be paid for by Tenant, and Landlord shall not be responsible for the damage.

3. No signs, advertisements or notices shall be painted or affixed to windows, doors or other parts of the Building, except those of such color, size, style and in such places as are first approved in writing by Landlord. All tenant identification and suite numbers at the entrance to the Premises shall be installed by Landlord, at Tenant's cost and expense, using the standard graphics for the Building. Except in connection with the hanging of lightweight pictures and wall decorations, no nails, hooks or screws shall be inserted into any part of the Premises or Building except by the Building maintenance personnel.

4. Landlord may provide and maintain in the first floor (main lobby) of the Building an alphabetical directory board or other directory device listing tenants, and no other directory shall be permitted unless previously consented to by Landlord in writing.

5. Tenant shall not place any lock(s) on any door in the Premises or Building without Landlord's prior written consent and Landlord shall have the right to retain at all times and to use keys to all locks within and into the Premises. A reasonable number of keys to the locks on the entry doors in the Premises shall be furnished by Landlord to Tenant at Tenant's cost, and Tenant shall not make any duplicate keys. All keys shall be returned to Landlord at the expiration or early termination of this Lease.

6. All contractors, contractor's representatives and installation technicians performing work in the Building shall be subject to Landlord's prior approval and shall be required to comply with Landlord's standard rules, regulations, policies and procedures, which may be revised from time to time.

7. Movement in or out of the Building of furniture or office equipment, or dispatch or receipt by Tenant of merchandise or materials requiring the use of elevators, stairways, lobby areas or loading dock areas, shall be restricted to hours designated by Landlord. Tenant shall obtain Landlord's prior approval by providing a detailed listing of the activity. If approved by Landlord, the activity shall be under the supervision of Landlord and performed in the manner required by Landlord. Tenant shall assume all risk for damage to articles moved and injury to any persons resulting from the activity. If equipment, property, or personnel of Landlord or of any other party is damaged or injured as a result of or in connection with the activity, Tenant shall be solely liable for any resulting damage or loss.

8. Landlord shall have the right to approve the weight, size, or location of heavy equipment or articles in and about the Premises. Damage to the Building by the installation, maintenance, operation, existence or removal of property of Tenant shall be repaired at Tenant's sole expense.

9. Corridor doors, when not in use, shall be kept closed.

10. Tenant shall not: (1) make or permit any improper, objectionable or unpleasant noises or odors in the Building, or otherwise interfere in any way with other tenants or persons having business with them; (2) solicit business or distribute, or cause to be distributed, in any portion of the Building, handbills, promotional materials or other advertising; or (3) conduct or permit other activities in the Building that might, in Landlord's sole opinion, constitute a nuisance.

11. No animals, except those assisting handicapped persons, shall be brought into the Building or kept in or about the Premises.

12. No inflammable, explosive or dangerous fluids or substances shall be used or kept by Tenant in the Premises, Building or about the Property. Tenant shall not, without Landlord's prior written consent, use, store, install, spill, remove, release or dispose of, within or about the Premises or any other portion of the Property, any asbestos-containing materials or any solid, liquid or gaseous material now or subsequently considered toxic or hazardous under the provisions of any applicable environmental Law which may now or later be in effect. Tenant shall comply with all Laws pertaining to and governing the use of these materials by Tenant, and shall remain solely liable for the costs of abatement and removal.

13. Tenant shall not use or occupy the Premises in any manner or for any purpose which might injure the reputation or impair the present or future value of the Premises or the Building. Tenant shall not use, or permit any part of the Premises to be used, for lodging, sleeping or for any illegal purpose.

14. Tenant shall not take any action which would violate Landlord's labor contracts or which would cause a work stoppage, picketing, labor disruption or dispute, or interfere with Landlord's or any other tenant's or occupant's business or with the rights and privileges of any person lawfully in the Building ("Labor Disruption"). Tenant shall take the actions necessary to resolve the Labor Disruption, and shall have pickets removed and, at the request of Landlord, immediately terminate any work in the Premises that gave rise to the Labor Disruption, until Landlord gives its written consent for the work to resume. Tenant shall have no claim for damages against Landlord or any of the Landlord Related Parties, nor shall the date of the commencement of the Term be extended as a result of the above actions.

15. Tenant shall not install, operate or maintain in the Premises or in any other area of the Building, electrical equipment that would overload the electrical system beyond its capacity for proper, efficient and safe operation as determined solely by Landlord. Tenant shall not furnish cooling or heating to the Premises, including, without limitation, the use of electronic or gas heating devices, without Landlord's prior written consent. Tenant shall not use more than its proportionate share of telephone lines and other telecommunication facilities available to service the Building.

16. Tenant shall not operate or permit to be operated a coin or token operated vending machine or similar device (including, without limitation, telephones, lockers, toilets, scales, amusement devices and machines for sale of beverages, foods, candy, cigarettes and other goods), except for machines for the exclusive use of Tenant's employees, and then only if the operation does not violate the lease of any other tenant in the Building.

17. Bicycles and other vehicles are not permitted inside the Building or on the walkways outside the Building, except in areas designated by Landlord.

18. Landlord may from time to time adopt systems and procedures for the security and safety of the Building, its occupants, entry, use and contents. Tenant, its agents, employees, contractors, guests and invitees shall comply with Landlord's systems and procedures.

19. Landlord shall have the right to prohibit the use of the name of the Building or any other publicity by Tenant that in Landlord's sole opinion may impair the reputation of the Building or its desirability. Upon written notice from Landlord, Tenant shall refrain from and discontinue such publicity immediately.

20. Tenant shall not canvass, solicit or peddle in or about the Building or the Property.

21. Neither Tenant nor its agents, employees, contractors, guests or invitees shall smoke or permit smoking in the Common Areas, unless the Common Areas have been declared a designated smoking area by Landlord, nor shall the above parties allow smoke from the Premises to emanate into the Common Areas or any other part of the Building. Landlord shall have the right to designate the Building (including the Premises) as a non-smoking building.

22. Landlord shall have the right to designate and approve standard window coverings for the Premises and to establish rules to assure that the Building presents a uniform exterior appearance. Tenant shall ensure, to the extent reasonably practicable, that window coverings are closed on windows in the Premises while they are exposed to the direct rays of the sun.

23. Deliveries to and from the Premises shall be made only at the times, in the areas and through the entrances and exits designated by Landlord. Tenant shall not make deliveries to or from the Premises in a manner that might interfere with the use by any other tenant of its premises or of the Common Areas, any pedestrian use, or any use which is inconsistent with good business practice.

24. The work of cleaning personnel shall not be hindered by Tenant after 5:30 p.m., and cleaning work may be done at any time when the offices are vacant. Windows, doors and fixtures may be cleaned at any time. Tenant shall provide adequate waste and rubbish receptacles to prevent unreasonable hardship to the cleaning service.


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