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LA 1427 Lease For Industrial Condominium Premises For Manufacturing Tenant

This lease is for a small industrial tenant with a manufacturing operation occupying space in an industrial park made up of industrial condominiums.

Number of Single Spaced Pages: 36

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LA 729 Physician's Office Condo Lease For Ear, Nose And Throat Medical Practice

This lease is designed for the lease of an office condo for a medical practice use. The use of the premises must comply with the medical Code of Ethics, and the landlord reserves the right to terminate the lease if any of the practicing doctors has a license revocation.

The use of the premises is subject to the provisions of the lease as well as the Condominium Declaration and rules and regulations. The medical tenant is responsible under the lease for its prorata share of operating costs for the building, and for fees and charges levied by the condo association.

Number of Single Spaced Pages: 18

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LA 689 Office Condo Lease With Initial Free Rent Period And Base Year Operating Expenses

This lease form is designed for an office lease in a multi-tenant building comprised of condominium spaces. The office building is located in a mixed use complex. The form includes a rent free period at the commencement of the term, during which the minimum rent only (not the additional rent) is abated.

The lease has a base year structure for reimbursement of operating expenses by the tenant, and the tenant is responsible for payment of operating costs in excess of those attributable to the base year. The form includes work letter and rules and regulations exhibits applicable to the premises. The form also contains a blank exhibit wherein a description of crown signage for the tenant is to appear.

Number of Single Spaced Pages: 45

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