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Lease Related Agreements

Product Overview

This form is for an office expense sharing agreement between related corporate or business affiliates.  It provides for the sharing of office expenses, including payroll expenses, based upon timesheets completed by the personnel occupying the shared space on a quarterly basis.

The expenses allocated to the respective affiliates include office space costs, costs of administration, mailroom expenses, telecommunications expense, payroll costs, and computer services.  The office lease providing the premises is a separate document, and is not included.

Number of Single Spaced Pages: 7


Key Features

Purpose of Agreement Allocation of office expenses between affiliates
Expenses Allocated Office space costs, costs of administration, mailroom expenses, telecommunications expense, payroll expense, and computer services
Number of Single Spaced Pages 7


Quick Look


This Shared Services Agreement (the "Agreement") dated as of ___________ by and among Primary Entity, Inc. ("Primary Entity"), a __________ corporation; Affiliated Entity One ("Affiliated Entity One"), a _____________ corporation; Affiliated Entity Two, Inc., a __________ corporation ("Affiliated Entity Two"); Affiliated Entity Three, Inc., a __________ corporation ("Affiliated Entity Three"); Affiliated Entity Four, Inc., a __________ corporation ("Affiliated Entity Four"); and Affiliated Entity Five, Inc., a __________ corporation ("Affiliated Entity Five").

WHEREAS, Primary Entity has been providing to the parties to this Agreement (Primary Entity and such entities being referred to collectively herein as the "Affiliated Entities" and individually as an "Affiliated Entity") certain facilities and executive and administrative services and the Affiliated Entities desire that Primary Entity continue to provide such facilities and services to them, on the terms and subject to the conditions set forth herein;

WHEREAS, one or more of the Affiliated Entities provides facilities and services to the other Affiliated Entities and it is the desire of the parties hereto that the provision of such services shall continue, on the terms and subject to the conditions set forth herein.

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the foregoing and of the mutual covenants set forth below, and other good and valuable consideration, the parties agree as follows:


(a) Primary Entity has provided and shall continue to provide to each Affiliated Entity the following services (each a "Service" and, collectively, the "Services"):

(i) OFFICE SPACE. A portion of the office facility currently occupied by Primary Entity to conduct its business, including, without limitation, utilities, maintenance services, office furnishings and equipment, and other associated facilities and services. The portion of the office facility provided to each Affiliated Entity shall be reasonable in light of the reasonable requirements of Primary Entity and the Affiliated Entities.

(ii) ADMINISTRATION. Executive, legal, accounting, administrative and clerical personnel and required administrative, secretarial and clerical services including, but not limited to, office supplies and services, payroll, payroll taxes, employee benefits, billing and collection services, and financial reporting services comparable to those currently
provided for the Affiliated Entities.

(iii) MAILROOM SERVICES. All services necessary to continue current mailroom services, including, without limitation, all licenses, postage meters, postage accounts, postage stamps, courier and express mail delivery services.

(iv) TELECOMMUNICATIONS SERVICES. All services necessary to maintain current telecommunications services, including, without limitation, telephones, telephone line services, wireless telephones, wireless services, telephone calls, facsimile equipment and related maintenance contracts and T1 line and service for internet communications.

(v) COMPUTER SERVICES. Data processing services and personal computer services, including without limitation data process operators and software for use in connection with such services.

(b) Certain of the Affiliated Entities provide the following Services to other Affiliated Entities, which the Affiliated Entity providing such Services shall continue to provide:

(i) OFFICE SPACE. A portion of its office facility including utilities, maintenance services, office furnishing and equipment and other associated facilities and services. The portion of the office facility provided shall be reasonable in light of the reasonable requirements of each Affiliated Entity involved in providing and using such office facility.

(ii) ADMINISTRATION. Executive, accounting, administrative and clerical personnel, including but not limited to payroll, payroll taxes, employee benefits comparable to those currently being provided.

(c) Primary Entity and each Affiliated Entity providing Services shall use its commercially reasonable efforts to provide the Services required to be provided by it in a timely and efficient manner, and shall assign to each of the Services substantially the same priority as assigned to similar services performed in its own operations.


2.1 The term of this Agreement shall commence as of ____________ and shall continue until __________, unless earlier terminated or extended in accordance with the provisions of this Section 2.

2.2 The term of this Agreement will automatically be extended for additional one-year periods unless terminated by Primary Entity as to one or more Affiliated Entities upon written notice given to the Affiliated Entity to be terminated at least three (3) months prior to the scheduled termination date.

2.3 Any one of the Affiliated Entities, other than Primary Entity, may withdraw from this Agreement, at any time during the term hereof, upon three (3) months' prior written notice to each of the other Affiliated Entities.

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