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Office Building Purchase Agreements

Purchase Agreements
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PA12333 Pro-Buyer Real Estate Purchase Agreement For Office Building

This form is a real estate purchase contract for an office building leased to third party tenants.

The agreement provides for a closing sixty days after the contract is signed, during which the buyer conducts its due diligence for the purchase.

Number of Single Spaced Pages: 27

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PA12125 Purchase Agreement For Large Single User Tenant To Acquire The Building It Occupies Located On A Ground Leased Parcel

This Purchase Agreement is designed for the acquisition of an office building presently occupied by the tenant purchaser, but in this case, the building to be acquired is located on a ground leased parcel with a third party ground lessor.

As a result, the Purchase Agreement contains a termination agreement (with the form attached as an exhibit) for the existing office lease to be held in escrow and delivered at the closing. In addition, the Purchase Agreement contains (also as exhibits) a bill of sale and ground lease assignment, and a ground lessor consent and estoppel certificate.

Number of Single Spaced Pages: 35

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