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Convenience Store, Truck Stop And Gasoline Filling Station Purchase Agreements

Purchase Agreements
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PA12105 Pro-Purchaser Purchase And Sale Agreement For Single Convenience Store And Gas Station

This Purchase And Sale Agreement is for a convenience store and gas station property. The purchase price is to be paid in all cash at the closing.

The agreement is pro-purchaser in tone, and contains a number of conditions precedent which must be satisfied before the purchaser is required to close on the sale of the property. The agreement also contains several representations and warranties by the seller concerning the property, and the seller's authority to enter into the agreement to sell the property.

Number of Single Spaced Pages: 17

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PA12117 Comprehensive Purchase Agreement For Sale Of Truck Stop Property And Business By Owner And Operator Tenant To New Buyer Operator

This Purchase Agreement is for the cash sale of a truck stop property and business from the owner and the owner's operator as sellers to a new buyer operator. The sale includes both the real estate and the equipment, office furniture, supplies, etc for the truck stop plaza.

Prior to the execution of the agreement and the closing, the owner of the real estate held title to the property, and the operator ran the truck stop business pursuant to a lease, which will terminate at the closing. The buyer will operate the business and own the property at the closing.

The agreement is comprehensive, and includes detailed closing obligations for the parties, representations and warranties by both the buyer and the seller, covenants by the parties, conditions that must be satisfied prior to closing, indemnification provisions, and post closing covenants.

Number of Single Spaced Pages: 41

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