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As used in this Work Letter, the "Premises" shall be deemed to mean the Premises, as initially defined in the attached Lease.

1. Landlord shall perform improvements to the Premises in accordance with the plans prepared by _____________, dated ___________, as revised on ______________ (the "Plans"). The improvements to be performed by Landlord in accordance with the Plans are hereinafter referred to as the "Landlord Work." It is agreed that construction of the Landlord Work will be completed at Landlord's sole cost and expense (subject to the terms of Section 2 below) using Building standard methods, materials and finishes. Landlord shall enter into a direct contract for the Landlord Work with a general contractor selected by Landlord. In addition, Landlord shall have the right to select and/or approve of any subcontractors used in connection with the Landlord Work. Landlord's supervision or performance of any work for or on behalf of Tenant shall not be deemed a representation by Landlord that such Plans or the revisions thereto comply with applicable insurance requirements, building codes, ordinances, laws or regulations, or that the improvements constructed in accordance with the Plans and any revisions thereto will be adequate for Tenant's use, it being agreed that Tenant shall be responsible for all elements of the design of Tenant's plans (including, without limitation, compliance with law, functionality of design, the structural integrity of the design, the configuration of the premises and the placement of Tenant's furniture, appliances and equipment).

2. If Tenant shall request any revisions to the Plans, Landlord shall have such revisions prepared at Tenant's sole cost and expense and Tenant shall reimburse Landlord for the cost of preparing any such revisions to the Plans, plus any applicable state sales or use tax thereon, upon demand. Promptly upon completion of the revisions in the Plans, Landlord shall notify Tenant in writing of the increased cost in the Landlord Work, if any, resulting from such revisions to the Plans. Tenant, within one Business Day, shall notify Landlord in writing whether it desires to proceed with such revisions. In the absence of such written authorization, Landlord shall have the option to continue work on the Premises disregarding the requested revision. Tenant shall be responsible for any Tenant Delay in completion of the Premises resulting from any revision to the Plans. If such revisions result in an increase in the cost of Landlord Work, such increased costs, plus any applicable state sales or use tax thereon, shall be payable by Tenant upon demand. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, all revisions to the Plans shall be subject to the approval of Landlord.

3. Tenant acknowledges that the Landlord Work may be performed by Landlord in the Premises during Normal Business Hours prior to or subsequent to the Extension Date. Landlord and Tenant agree to cooperate with each other in order to enable the Landlord Work to be performed in a timely manner and with as little inconvenience to the operation of Tenant's business as is reasonably possible. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, any delay in the completion of the Landlord Work or inconvenience suffered by Tenant during the performance of the Landlord Work shall not delay the Extension Date nor shall it subject Landlord to any liability for any loss or damage resulting therefrom or entitle Tenant to any credit, abatement or adjustment of Rent or other sums payable under the Lease.

4. This Exhibit shall not be deemed applicable to any additional space added to the Premises at any time or from time to time, whether by any options under the Lease or otherwise, or to any portion of the original Premises or any additions to the Premises in the event of a renewal or extension of the original Term of the Lease, whether by any options under the Lease or otherwise, unless expressly so provided in the Lease or any amendment or supplement to the Lease.


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