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Office Building Rules and Regulations Including Parking Rules

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Office Building Rules And Regulations Including Parking Rules Lease Exhibit


Office Building Rules and Regulations

General Rules

1. Tenant shall not suffer or permit the obstruction of any Common Areas, including driveways and walkways.

2. Landlord reserves the right to refuse access to any persons Landlord in good faith judges to be a threat to the safety, reputation, or property of the Building and/or its occupants.

3. Tenant shall not make or permit any noise or odors that annoy or interfere with other tenants or persons having business within the Building.

4. Tenant shall not keep animals or birds within the Building, and shall not bring bicycles, motorcycles or other vehicles into portions of the Building that are not designated as authorized for same (provided, however, that Tenant may bring bicycles into the Premises and may use a forklift in the warehouse portion of the Premises).

5. Tenant shall not make, suffer or permit litter except in appropriate receptacles for that purpose.

6. Tenant shall not alter any lock or install new or additional locks or bolts.

7. Tenant shall be responsible for the inappropriate use of any toilet rooms, plumbing or other utilities. No foreign substances of any kind are to be inserted therein.

8. Tenant shall not deface the walls, partitions or other surfaces of the Premises or the Building.

9. Tenant shall not suffer or permit anything in or around the Premises that causes excessive vibration or floor loading in any part of the Building.

10. Furniture, significant freight and equipment shall be moved into or out of the Building only with the Landlord's knowledge and consent, and subject to such reasonable limitations, techniques and timing, as may be designated by Landlord. Tenant shall be responsible for any damage to the Building arising from any such activity.

11. Tenant shall not employ any service or contractor for services or work to be performed in the Building, except as approved by Landlord.

12. Tenant shall return all keys at the termination of its tenancy and shall be responsible for the cost of replacing any keys that are lost.

13. No window coverings, shades or awnings shall be installed or used by Tenant without Landlord's prior written consent, which shall not be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed.

14. No tenant, employee or invitee shall go upon the roof of the Building except as expressly provided in the Lease.

15. Tenant shall not suffer or permit smoking or carrying of lighted cigar or cigarettes in areas reasonably designated by Landlord or by applicable governmental agencies as nonsmoking areas.

16. Tenant shall not use any method of heating or air conditioning other than as provided by Landlord or any dedicated system approved by Landlord.

17. The Premises shall not be used for lodging or manufacturing, cooking or food preparation. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Underwriters' Laboratory-approved equipment and microwave ovens may be used in the Premises for heating food and brewing coffee, tea, hot chocolate and similar beverages, provided that such use is in accordance with all applicable laws, codes, ordinances, rules and regulations, and does not cause odors which are objectionable to Landlord and other tenants.

18. Tenant shall comply with all safety, fire protection and evacuation regulations established by Landlord or any applicable governmental agency.

19. Landlord reserves the right to waive any one of these rules or regulations, and/or as to any particular tenant, and any such waiver shall not constitute a waiver of any other rule or regulation or any subsequent application thereof to such tenant.

20. Tenant assumes all risks from theft or vandalism to the Premises and agrees to keep the Premises locked as may be required.

21. Landlord reserves the right to make such other reasonable rules and regulations as it may from time to time deem necessary for the appropriate operation and safety of the Building and its occupants. Landlord shall provide Tenant with copies of any new and/or modified rules or regulations prior to the effective date thereof. Tenant agrees to abide by these and such other rules and regulations.

Parking Rules

1. Parking areas shall be used only for parking vehicles no longer than full size passenger automobiles.

2. Tenant shall not permit or allow any vehicles that belong to or are controlled by Tenant or Tenant's employees, suppliers, shippers, customers, or invitees to be loaded, unloaded or parked in areas other than those designated by Landlord for such activities.

3. Landlord reserves the right to refuse the sale of monthly identification devices to any person or entity that willfully refuses to comply with the applicable rules, regulations, laws and/or agreements.

4. Users of the parking areas will obey all posted signs and park only in the areas designated for vehicle parking.

5. Unless otherwise instructed, every person using the parking areas is required to park and lock his own vehicle. Landlord will not be responsible for any damage to vehicles, injury to persons or loss of property, all of which risks are assumed by the party using the parking areas.

6. The maintenance of vehicles in the parking areas or Common Areas is prohibited. The washing, waxing or cleaning of vehicles in designated areas shall be permitted during normal business hours.

7. Tenant shall be responsible for seeing that all its employees, agents and invitees comply with the applicable parking rules, regulations, laws and agreements.

8. Landlord reserves the right to modify these rules and/or adopt such other reasonable and non-discriminatory rules and regulations as it may deem necessary for the property operation of the parking area.

9. Such parking use as is herein provided is intended merely as a license only and no bailment is intended or shall be created hereby.



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