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LA 791 Subordination, Attornment And Non-Disturbance Agreement

This form is a subordination, attornment and non-disturbance agreement (commonly referred to as SNDA) designed for a commercial lease.

The document effects a subordination of the tenant’s lease to the financing encumbering the property, and provides the tenant with some measure of possessory rights if the landlord finds itself in default under the financing.

In such a case, the tenant will not be disturbed if it continues to pay rent and otherwise perform under the lease.

Number of Double Spaced Pages: 7

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LA 1203 Agreement To Subordinate Resort Or Hotel Management Agreement To Lien Of Financing

This form is designed to subordinate a hotel or resort management agreement to the lien of the financing for the property.

The lender usually will require this subordination to avoid any conflict between the loan for the property and rights and remedies under the management agreement providing for the marketing and operation of the resort or hotel.

Number of Double Spaced Pages: 15

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LA 871 Landlord Consent To Sublease And Nondisturbance And Recognition Agreement For Subtenant

This form is designed for a transaction where the commercial landlord consents to a sublease of the premises, and confers certain nondisturbance rights in favor of the new subtenant.

Included provisions also permit certain alterations to the premises by the subtenant, allow the subtenant to exercise a renewal option, and alter the rent payable by the subtenant during the term of the sublease.

Number of Single Spaced Pages: 11

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