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LA 699 Detailed Management Agreement For Onsite Management Of Class A Office Building And Parking Garage

The following management agreement is for the onsite management of a Class A office building and parking garage.

The manager appointed in the agreement has detailed responsibilities, and will be compensated by receipt of a management fee consisting of a percentage of the monthly base rent, additional rent, rental escalations, operating expenses, real estate pass-throughs, and other income from the use or occupancy of the premises actually collected. In addition, the manager will receive leasing commissions as provided in the agreement.

Number of Single Spaced Pages: 24

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LA 1411 Simple Management Agreement Between Owner And Independent Contractor Manager For Operation Of Adjacent Parking Garage

This form is designed for a transaction in which the landlord's parking structure (or multiple parking facilities) is managed by an independent contractor operator, who receives a percentage of the gross parking receipts from the operation.

In this case, the parking garage is adjacent to an office building owned by the landlord, and is primarily for the benefit of office building tenants. The landlord also reimburses the contractor manager for the contractor's out of pocket costs in managing the garage.

Number of Single Spaced Pages: 9

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LA 129 Pro-Owner License Agreement For Parking Lot With Percentage Rent Payable By Operator Licensee

This is a license agreement whereby a property owner licenses the property to a parking lot operator who manages the parking lot operation. The licensee pays the owner (licensor) fixed and percentage rent.

Number of Single Spaced Pages: 15

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