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LA 821 Aggressive Pro-Tenant Operating Costs Addendum For Office, Industrial, Or Retail Lease

This form is designed as an addendum to an office, retail or industrial lease to protect the tenant from broad pro-landlord operating costs provisions. The addendum is to be executed at the same time the lease is signed. The addendum contains extensive pro-tenant exclusions from the operating costs that may be passed through to the tenant for payment on a pro-rata basis.

It also features pro-tenant provisions regarding audit of operating costs, utilities and energy, refunds and credits, and arbitration. Finally, the form contains stipulations by the landlord as to the amount of real estate taxes, prior operating costs, landlord staff salaries and benefits (included in operating costs) and utility charges for 3 prior years for the complex containing the premises.

Number of Single Spaced Pages: 12

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LA 415 Pro-Tenant Lease Addendum With Exclusions To The Definition Of Operating Costs

This Lease Addendum is a pro-tenant list of specific items that are excluded from the landlord drafted definition of operating expenses.

Operating expense definitions drafted by the landlord are generally extremely broad in scope, and frequently include items that tenants find objectionable. This pro-tenant addendum is designed to fix that problem.

Number of Single Spaced Pages: 14

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