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LA 1707 Management Agreement By Developer Management Affiliate For Suburban Office Building Owned By Investor And Developer As Members Of LLC

This property management agreement is for the engagement of a professional commercial property management firm for a suburban office building.

The property is owned by a developer and an investor as members of the limited liability company holding title to the property.  The manager engaged by the agreement is an affiliate of the developer member.

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LA 673 Property Management Agreement For Corporate Affiliate Manager For Retail Strip Center Property Anchored By A Grocery Store

This management agreement is designed for a situation where the retail strip center to be managed is owned by a corporate affiliate of the manager. In this case, the neighborhood center is anchored by a grocery store tenant.

This management agreement provides for the payment of both management and leasing fees to the manager. The leasing fee is a percentage of the total rent payable under the leases for the center, excluding so-called additional rental payments, such as common area maintenance, real estate taxes, insurance charges and the like. The management fee is computed as a percentage of all rentals and additional rentals, plus a higher percentage of common area maintenance charges.

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LA 1363: Hotel Operator Management Agreement Between Owner And Owner Affiliated Manager

This hotel operator management agreement is appropriate for an arrangement where a management affiliate of the hotel owner will manage one or more hotel properties. The affiliate is designated as an independent contractor, and has general management authorities for the properties. All costs and expenses incurred by the operator are to be paid by the owner, and the operator will receive a specified management fee subject to a cap of a percentage of annual gross revenues.

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