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LA 1707 Management Agreement By Developer Management Affiliate For Suburban Office Building Owned By Investor And Developer As Members Of LLC

This property management agreement is for the engagement of a professional commercial property management firm for a suburban office building.

The property is owned by a developer and an investor as members of the limited liability company holding title to the property. The manager engaged by the agreement is an affiliate of the developer member.

Number of Single Spaced Pages: 13

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LA 673 Property Management Agreement For Corporate Affiliate Manager For Retail Strip Center Property Anchored By A Grocery Store

This management agreement is designed for a situation where the retail strip center to be managed is owned by a corporate affiliate of the manager. In this case, the neighborhood center is anchored by a grocery store tenant.

This management agreement provides for the payment of both management and leasing fees to the manager. The leasing fee is a percentage of the total rent payable under the leases for the center, excluding so-called additional rental payments, such as common area maintenance, real estate taxes, insurance charges and the like. The management fee is computed as a percentage of all rentals and additional rentals, plus a higher percentage of common area maintenance charges.

Number of Single Spaced Pages: 9

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LA 1801 Shared Services Agreement Between Corporate Affiliates For Office Space And Related Services

This form is for an office expense sharing agreement between related corporate or business affiliates. It provides for the sharing of office expenses, including payroll expenses, based upon timesheets completed by the personnel occupying the shared space on a quarterly basis.

The expenses allocated to the respective affiliates include office space costs, costs of administration, mailroom expenses, telecommunications expense, payroll costs, and computer services. The office lease providing the premises is a separate document, and is not included.

Number of Single Spaced Pages: 7

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LA 213 Sweetheart Office Lease Between Corporate Affiliates

This office lease is designed for a landlord and tenant who are corporate affiliates.

As a result, many of the provisions that would normally appear in an arms length lease negotiated between more adversarial parties do not appear in this form.

Number of Single Spaced Pages: 10

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LA 683 Comprehensive Guaranty By Corporate Parent Of Subsidiary Tenant For New Lease

This lease guaranty (or lease guarantee) is designed for a corporate parent to guarantee the lease of a corporate subsidiary entering into a new lease, in this case a lease arising from the sale leaseback of a manufacturing plant.

It would be suitable for any landlord desiring a thorough guaranty for a lease with representations and warranties from the corporate guarantor, covenants to keep and produce financial statements and books and records, and a comprehensive default clause giving the landlord latitude in deciding how to proceed against the guarantor and the tenant in the event of default.


Number of Single Spaced Pages: 16

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