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Brokerage, Property Management And Leasing Agreements

Product Overview

This property management and leasing agreement is to be used for a neighborhood (strip) shopping center, which are centers customarily anchored by supermarkets and/or superdrugs. The agreement appoints the management company for the center, and details the manager's responsibilities.

In addition, the manager is appointed as the center's leasing agent, and is paid commissions for new leases. Finally, the manager receives a management fee computed as a percentage of rent for the existing leases in the center.

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THIS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT AGREEMENT ("Agreement") made as of ______________ by and between ______________________, a _______________ ("Owner") and ______________., a _____________ corporation ("Agent").


A. Owner is the owner of the land and improvements constituting a neighborhood shopping center known as _______________ (the "Property").

B. Owner desires to retain Agent as its exclusive agent for the purposes of leasing and managing the Property on behalf of Owner and Agent is willing to act as agent for Owner with respect to the Property on the terms and conditions of the Agreement as more fully set forth herein.

NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the agreements and covenants herein contained, and intending to be legally bound hereby, Owner and Agent agree as follows:

1. Owner hereby employs Agent to manage and lease as the exclusive broker the property upon the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth for an initial term of three (3) years from the date hereof unless otherwise extended, renewed or terminated as hereinafter set forth.

2. Agent agrees to perform the following:

2.1. Use its best efforts to lease or cause brokers or other agents to lease on behalf of Owner all available space in the Property;

2.2. Diligently to collect rents, additional rents and all other sums due from tenants when due and, where necessary or appropriate, and except as directed otherwise by Owner (in which event Owner shall bear the administrative costs of relieving Agent of such duty or duties), take all such actions as Agent shall deem necessary or advisable to enforce all rights and remedies of Owner under the leases relating to the Property (the "Leases") or to protect the interest of Owner, including, without limitation, the preparation and delivery to tenants under the Leases ("Tenants") of all "late payment", default, and other appropriate notices, requests, bills, demands, and statements. Agent may retain counsel, collection agencies, and such other persons and firms as Agent shall deem appropriate or advisable to enforce, after notification to Owner, by legal action the rights and remedies of Owner against any Tenant default in the performance of its obligations under a Lease. Agent shall promptly notify Owner of the progress of any such legal action;

2.3. To pay from the operating funds of the Property or such other funds as are provided by Owner bills and expenses for the maintenance, repair and operation of the Property, provided, however, that all expenditures in excess of $_________ in any single transaction or more than $__________ in the aggregate in any period of twelve (12) consecutive months shall be subject to Owner's approval unless such expenditure is included in the operating budget for the Property that has been approved by Owner, and provided further that Agent shall notify Owner of any budget expenditures cumulatively exceeding ten percent (10%) of any approved annual budget;

2.4. To establish and maintain such books of account, records, and other documentation pertaining to the operation and maintenance of the Property as are customarily maintained by managing agents of properties similar in location and size to that of the Property. Agent shall prepare or cause to be prepared and file all returns and other reports relating to the Property, other than income tax returns and any reports or returns that may be required of any foreign owner of U.S. real property, as may be required by any governmental authority or otherwise under this Agreement. Agent shall periodically report to Owner on the general operations, occupancy, physical condition, disbursements, delinquencies, uncollectible accounts, and other matters relating to the Property. Agent shall prepare and forward to Owner a written report each month showing the receipts and expenditures for such month, the receipts and expenditures year-to-date and the variations from the agreed upon budget. These statements shall, upon Owner's request, be accompanied by appropriate documentation of all expenditures made by Agent under this Agreement. As soon as practicable after the end of each calendar year and after the expiration or termination of this Agreement, Agent shall use reasonable efforts to prepare and deliver to Owner statements pertaining to the operation and maintenance of the Property during the preceding calendar year. Agent shall prepare and submit to Owner for its approval no later than December 1st of each calendar year (or such later date as the parties agree) a proposed pro forma budget for all costs pertaining to the operation and maintenance of the Property during the ensuing calendar year. Each such budget shall be substantially in the same form as the approved budget in effect for the prior calendar year, shall set forth expenditures on an annual and a monthly basis, and shall not, except for informational purposes, include estimates for costs and expenses for which Owner will be reimbursed by Tenants under the Leases. Agent shall make such reasonable modifications to each proposed pro forma budget it prepares in accordance with this section until Owner shall have approved this budget in writing, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed. Such budget and revisions shall be deemed to be accepted and approved by Owner unless specifically rejected or accepted within fifteen (15) days of submission;

2.5. To account for all advance deposits of Tenants;

2.6. To refund to Tenants from escrow accounts, funds of the Property or funds provided by Owner, as appropriate, pro-rated rents, rebates, allowances, advance deposit refunds, and such other amounts as are legally due Tenants;

2.7. To collect from Tenants all insurance policies, Tenant insurance certificates, or other evidence of insurance required to be carried by Tenants;

2.8. Unless otherwise instructed by Owner, to secure for and on behalf of and at the expense of Owner such insurance, including without limitation, employee dishonesty insurance, fire and extended coverage property insurance, public liability insurance and workers' compensation insurance, as may be deemed by Owner (or any mortgagees) to be necessary or appropriate, in amounts satisfactory to Owner and Agent and naming Owner and Agent as co-insureds and in form and substance satisfactory to Owner, Agent and any mortgagees; provided, however, that if Agent promptly notifies Owner of the insurance so secured on behalf of Owner, and promptly complies with Owner's instructions regarding such insurance, Owner releases and holds Agent harmless of and from any claims, loss, damages and liability of any nature whatsoever based upon or in any way relating to Agent's securing or failure to secure any insurance, or any decision made by Agent with respect to the amount or extent of coverage thereof or the company or companies issuing, brokering or negotiating such insurance;

2.9. To respond to complaints and inquiries by Tenants, prospective tenants and others, and to take such corrective actions as Agent deems appropriate;

2.10. To contract on behalf of and at the expense of Owner for such supplies and services in reasonable quantities and at reasonable prices as may be appropriate with respect to the Property, and to supervise and administer such contracts, including, without limitation, contracts for mechanical maintenance (including preventative maintenance), window and facade maintenance and cleaning, metal maintenance, pest control, trash removal, janitorial and maintenance supplies, building security, public relations, collection and credit reporting, legal and accounting services, computer services, architectural and engineering services, laundry services, and janitorial or cleaning services. In so contracting, Agent may contract with entities or persons affiliated with it, provided, however, that the rates and charges of the affiliated entity or person are generally competitive and consistent with rates and charges by non-affiliated entities and will obtain a minimum of two competitive bids from nonaffiliated contractors respecting any contract exceeding ________________ ($________);

2.11. To negotiate on behalf of Owner any applicable labor or collective bargaining agreements related to employees of Owner at the Property;

2.12. To hire, discharge, promote or demote, and supervise the on-site employees of Owner, if any, which employees may include, but are not necessarily limited to, a building executive director or supervisor, building manager, leasing specialist or leasing agent, secretarial and clerical staff, maintenance personnel, porters, laborers, security staff and watchmen, provided, however, that any personnel hired by Agent whose wages are not provided for in the approved budget, or otherwise approved by Owner and shall be employees of Agent and their wages and fringe benefits shall be paid by Agent without reimbursement by Owner;

2.13. To supervise and coordinate the moving in and moving out of Tenants to accomplish efficient and time saving use of personnel and elevators and maintain appropriate public relations with Tenants and prospective tenants;


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