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Discount Power Pack 7 contains the following items relating to Ground Leases.  Click on any item below for more information about that product.


Ground Lease With Purchase Option

LA 841 99 Year Ground Lease Of Land To Be Developed By The Tenant With Purchase Option


Hotel Ground Leases

LA 703 Ground Lease For Hotel To Be Built By Tenant


Industrial Ground Leases

LA 381 Ground Lease For Industrial Premises And Separate Option To Purchase The Premises

LA 685 Ground Lease For Agricultural Products Processing Facility

LA 1341 Industrial Ground Lease For Manufacturing Operation

LA 1515 Ground Lease For Aircraft And Truck Storage Yard


Medical Office Ground Leases

LA 1475 Ground Lease For Medical Office Building On Hospital Campus

LA 709 Ground Lease For Freestanding Biomedical Office Building


Office Ground Leases

LA 1215 Simple 99 Year Net Ground Lease To Tenant Intending To Build Its Headquarters On The Site

LA 1513 Ground Lease With Purchase Option And First Refusal Rights For Small Office Building To Be Built By Tenant


Recreational Uses Ground Leases

LA 1455 Ground Lease For Ski Resort With Rent Based Upon Revenues And With Option To Purchase


Retail/Shopping Center Ground Leases

LA 1221 Shopping Center Ground Lease To Large Home Improvement And Hardware Store Anchor

LA 481 Ground Lease For An Anchor In A Retail Strip Mall

LA 1545 Pro-Tenant Ground Lease For Convenience Store And Gasoline Filling Station

LA 641 Ground Lease For New Regional Shopping Center Pad Restaurant


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Discount Power Packs (DPPs) are designed for power users with heavy commercial leasing activity in a particular property class or type of transaction. They provide the option of having a full array of forms and/or strategies immediately available at your fingertips, all at a substantial discount.

When purchased through LP's online shopping cart, DPPs are downloadable in the form of a zip file containing multiple documents. Unzip them, and you are ready for the leasing task at hand. All documents are delivered in word format, so they can be adapted to the specifics of your particular transaction easily.

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