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Discount Power Pack 11 contains the following items relating to Office And Headquarters Leases.  Click on any item below for more information about that product.


Office And Headquarters Leases

Headquarters Leases

LA 1215 Simple 99 Year Net Ground Lease To Tenant Intending To Build Its Headquarters On The Site

LA 531 The Headquarters Lease For The Corporate Tenant


Pro-Landlord Leases

LA 349 Pro-Landlord Three Year Lease For Office Suite With Fair Market Renewal Option

LA 1335 Comprehensive Pro-Landlord Office Lease For Architectural Firm With Free Rent Period

LA 1355 Pro-Landlord Office Lease With Tenant Reimbursement Of Operating Costs Exceeding Base Year Expenses

LA 401 The Pro-Landlord Office Lease With Expense Stop

LA 261 Pro-Landlord Office Lease For A Single Floor Tenant


Pro-Tenant Leases

LA 301 The Pro-Tenant Suburban Office Lease For The Large Single User

LA 715 Simple Pro-Tenant Lease For Office, Industrial, Or Retail Commercial Property

LA 645 Aggressively Pro-Tenant Call Center Lease With Expense Stop For Credit Tenant


Office Leases

LA 1211 Lease For Coffee And Juice Bar (Starbucks Type) Tenant On Ground Floor Of Office Building Without Percentage Rent

LA 1375 Simple Office Lease For 4,000 Square Feet In A Multi-Tenant Building

LA 1345 Office Lease In Mixed Use Retail Office Complex

LA CA1395 Comprehensive Office Lease For California Multi-Tenant Office Park Tenant

LA 213 Sweetheart Office Lease Between Corporate Affiliates

LA 1513 Ground Lease With Purchase Option And First Refusal Rights For Small Office Building To Be Built By Tenant


Single Tenant Office Leases

LA 211 The Triple Net Single User Suburban Office Lease

LA 525 Single Floor Office Lease For Office Tenant

LA 1611 Lease For Entire Office Building Taken Down In Phases As The Pre-Existing Tenant Vacates

LA 717 Lease Of Office Building To Single Tenant With Use Of Underground Parking Garage


Work Letters For Office Leases

LA 281 Office Lease Work Letter For Tenant Improvements With Landlord Construction Allowance


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